ITRIS Group Company Portrait

The ITRIS Group which has its headquarters in Spreitenbach (in the canton of Aargau), is one of Switzerland's leading IT service providers. A flexible systems integrator and IT service provider, ITRIS also operates in the medical sector and offers a variety of medical technology services and sales.

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About us

“Competent, fair and collaborative. Our actions reflect our mindset. Conscientious cooperation and open dialogue with our clients, business partners and suppliers are at the heart of everything we do. The same applies to our employees. They are motivated and committed, mindful of their clients’ needs and always do their best to provide a solution-oriented, efficient and ethical service. This results in top-quality, innovative IT concepts and perfectly functioning systems – also for the medical sector – and long-term partnerships with satisfied clients.”

Alfred Winkler
President of the ITRIS Group Board

Corporate philosophy

The secret of ITRIS’ success lies in the considerable technical expertise of its workforce of more than 500 employees and its own high Swiss quality standards. These constitute a solid foundation on which to build fruitful partnerships with satisfied clients.

Growth in services ancillary to the core IT offering

n light of the positive development of the IT hardware maintenance business and the moves towards managed services that were beginning to be made by IT users, it soon became apparent that additional services for clients – beyond pure IT maintenance – were both necessary and sensible. This is exactly why ITRIS continuously expanded its area of activity in the first half of the 1990s, never losing sight of its clients and their requirements while doing so. This included selling hardware and components, as well as, later on, storage and network solutions. Increasing digitalisation in the medical sector meant that ITRIS also managed to successfully carve out a niche for itself in that sector around the turn of the millennium. In doing so, it set new standards in maintenance, service and sales for organisations operating in the healthcare segment. The business expanded through organic growth, as well as several acquisitions in recent years.