Sustainability within the ITRIS Group

Ever since ITRIS was established, sustainability has played a significant role in the organization. Our major concern has always been the efficient and cost-effective use of resources as well as ecologically responsible behavior.

Solar panels at our head office

The headquarter was outfitted with solar panels in addition to a roof refurbishment in the summer of 2023 to be ready for the future and to sustainably supply a portion of our electrical needs. On a surface of 726m2, a total of 372 panels were installed, producing about 155,150 kWh annually. As a result, we are less dependent on fossil fuels.

CO2 neutral district heating instead of natural gas

Since we connected to Limeco's district heating network in Dietikon, we have benefited from this innovative and environmentally friendly energy source. We can heat nearly CO2 neutrally thanks to this central heat source, which utilises the waste heat from the waste recycling facility. As a result, we may stop using natural gas and cut down on our CO2 emissions.

Sustainability at our locations

With various electricity-saving measures and the use of energy-efficient equipment at our sites, we contribute to reducing the energy consumption of our company. We have also implemented various disposal concepts for our sites to ensure that any waste generated can be disposed of separately and then recycled properly. In addition, our employees benefit from electric charging stations at our headquarters in Spreitenbach and in Reinach.

Conscious action by our employees

Our employees try to minimize any kind of environmental impact in their daily work and promote sustainability through their conscious actions. We are also increasingly focusing on minimizing the consumption of electrical energy. The use of modern equipment with a high degree of efficiency also ensures further savings in electricity consumption. Additionally, if possible, we use renewable energy sources.

Long-term device support: repair instead of throwing away

As a service provider in the field of hardware maintenance, we care about the long-term use of devices. We repair devices and take care of the maintenance of a large number of older devices. Even if they have not been supported by the manufacturer for a long time. By doing so, we can save resources and also reduce waste. In addition, we have several spare parts warehouses throughout Switzerland and can thus also carry out long-term repairs on older equipment without having to ship parts from all over the world.

Sustainable solutions & digitalization

Through various solutions in the area of digitalization and our support of companies in digitalization, we also ensure lower consumption of paper or other consumables. Our collaboration solutions also ensure joint collaboration regardless of the company's own location and thus help to prevent unnecessary travel. We also advise our customers, particularly in the area of data centers, on how they can reduce their energy consumption.

We have made significant progress in recent years in lowering our electricity consumption by carefully evaluating our usage and continuously putting various conservation initiatives into practice.

Several of our specific environmental protection initiatives include:

  • In cooperation with the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) and the Department, Construction, Transport and Environment (BVU) of the Canton of Aargau, we defined energy savings targets for the next 10 years. We defined 19 measures over the total term and were able to achieve the targets every year without any problems
  • A range of optimizations are being implemented on our locations. By educating all staff members and putting in energy-saving LED lights and motion detectors, we were able to reduce our consumption by 30–40%.
  • Since 2022, we have stopped using natural gas and instead rely on Dietikon's Limeco incineration facility to provide CO2-neutral district heating.
  • The Spreitenbach corporate headquarters will have solar panels installed over the entire roof by the summer of 2023. This will eventually allow us to use solar energy to meet a portion of our electrical needs.